We are working towards our global goals

Our business strives to contribute to and fulfill the global goals that the UN has decided must become a reality by 2030. Some of the goals that we are actively working with can be found below.

Goal 7: Rolemod's products contribute to sustainable energy for everyone by talking
on the electrification of transport vehicles.

Goal 9: Rolemod shall also promote sustainable industry, innovations and
infrastructure by developing new products with Agenda 2030 in mind and
avoid transport of the products with high CO2 emissions (train freight instead of boat
or flight). Increase access to information and communication technology for
go (Internet, Amazon)

Goal 11: Reduce the cities' environmental impact by offering accessories for
electric vehicles.

Goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production. Rolemod's accessories have one
long life. We also reuse packaging to the extent possible to ensure a good delivery to our customers.

Goal 17: Implementation and global partnership. Rolemod's products are available
available on the global platform Amazon. We also collaborate with suppliers globally.

Read more about the global goals and Agenda 2030 here: The global goals